Daily Bruin

Welcome to the Daily Bruin Fall 2017 application period! You have until the end of Week 2 to complete your application to one of the premier student newspapers in the country. Good luck!

FEM Newsmagazine

FEM Newsmagazine has been UCLA's feminist newsmagazine since 1973. We emphasize the importance of an intersectional feminist practice and strive to apply that to our content. We publish online three times a week on femmagazine.com and produce an annual issue at the end of the year. FEM seeks to elevate voices and stories that may otherwise be ignored by mainstream media. We value intersectional perspectives above all else and are dedicated to constantly learning and creating a more inclusive space for our staff and our readers.

Nommo Newsmagazine

UCLA Radio

UCLA Radio is an entirely student run radio station. We broadcast all day, every day from a secret cave in Ackerman Student Union.


Since 1919, BruinLife had documented campus history.

Ha'Am Newsmagazine

Ha’Am has been the official student-run Jewish newsmagazine at UCLA since 1972. We are a hybrid, online and print publication that aims to inform both the UCLA student body and the larger Los Angeles community of Jewish happenings and opinions on campus. Our team strives to uphold Jewish values and to instill within our ranks journalistic integrity of the highest order. Together, we engage and grapple with our tradition in the hopes of enriching our diverse experiences. However, before and after all of that, we are a family, and we would love if you were part of it.

OutWrite Newsmagazine

OutWrite Newsmagazine is the University of California Los Angeles’ queer newsmagazine, aiming to educate on and validate the experiences and issues of all non-heteronormative identified individuals and allies of UCLA and Los Angeles, through student opinions and journalistic coverage, in a mission to expose and reverse homophobia and unite the queer community and its allies against these social injustices.

Bruin Mobile

The recently created mobile application wing of UCLA Student Media. If you have any questions on any of the applications or the positions available, please email mli1@media.ucla.edu.

Al-Talib Newsmagazine

Al-Talib provides an independent perspective on issues important to Muslim communities. Targeting a college-age audience, we seek to create an outlet for activism on and off campus, a platform for representation of all facets of the Muslim-American communities and a safe space for sensitive topics. We believe that this sort of dialogue, no matter how uncomfortable it may be at times, is necessary in order for our community to appreciate and celebrate its diversity.

La Gente Newsmagazine

La Gente is UCLA's newsmagazine servicing the Latino community since 1971.

Pacific Ties Newsmagazine

Founded in 1977, Pacific Ties is the oldest student-run Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) newsmagazine in the nation.

*Communications Board: EIC's

The UCLA Communications Board was created to support UCLA’s student-run media. From its beginnings in 1919 as the Publications Board, which was responsible for a campus newspaper and yearbook, the Communications Board today oversees ten media titles and several web sites that involve more than 600 students during the year.