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2016-2017 applications Aug. 14, 2016

Hi there! Thanks for your interest in UCLA Student Media. We're starting to hire for the upcoming school year so check out our open positions in the sidebar or by selecting the organization in the "Applications" section. To submit an application, first create a profile with your contact information. Here's an overview of the different publications and departments you can apply to:

Daily Bruin

The Daily Bruin is the student newspaper at the University of California, Los Angeles. Founded in 1919, it is one of the largest student organizations on campus, consisting of more than 400 staffers across 13 departments: news writing, sports writing, arts & entertainment writing, opinion writing, news radio, graphics reporting, blogging, online/web development, video journalism, copy editing, photojournalism, page design, and cartoon and illustration.

BruinLife Yearbook

Founded in 1919, the BruinLife is the most historical, all-inclusive (and second-largest) publication on campus. We strive to give the UCLA campus, an accurate reflection of the school year thru photos and stories about your every day Bruin.

UCLA Radio

UCLA Radio is an entirely student run radio station. We broadcast all day, every day from a secret cave in Ackerman Student Union.

News Magazines


Al-Talib Newsmagazine was established in 1990 by Muslim UCLA students, making it the first student-run Muslim publication in America. The news magazine is part of Student Media UCLA. Staff members are all students and the writers are current students or alumni. At the height of print media, Al-Talib printed 40,000 issues four times a year and distributed en masse to over 40 states covering most major cities. However, recent shifts in technology and journalism leads the news magazine to move toward online-based publishing, with an aspiration to create a constant and relevant web presence.


FEM, UCLA’s feminist newsmagazine since 1973, is dedicated to the empowerment of all women, the promotion of human rights, the recognition of gender diversity, and the application of intersectional feminism. FEM celebrates women’s right to equality in all aspects of life and appeals to an audience that believes feminist ideology is still necessary to defeat sexism. We will offer a wide range of timely feature, opinion, and news pieces that tackle gender issues in relation to sexuality, race, class, and popular culture. The purpose of FEM is to enlighten our audience with information and personal accounts that may be rejected or ignored within mainstream media.

La Gente

La Gente Newsmagazine, born from the Chicana/o movement, arose out of a need to represent the Latina/o community and their issues in UCLA and the greater Los Angeles area. In an effort to be the voice of Latina/o experiences, we have featured news and opinions that highlight our communities since 1971. We continue to provide the latest on art, culture, community, and university news and events relating to our communities.


NOMMO Newsmagazine is designed to appeal to those who have an interest in all aspects of community organizing affecting change in education, arts, and social issues that positively or negatively affect members of the Afrikan descent community.


OutWrite Newsmagazine is the University of California Los Angeles’ queer newsmagazine, aiming to educate on and validate the experiences and issues of all non-heteronormative identified individuals and allies of UCLA and Los Angeles, through student opinions and journalistic coverage, in a mission to expose and reverse homophobia and unite the queer community and its allies against these social injustices.

Pacific Ties

Publishing at UCLA since 1977, we showcase rich and diverse stories about the Asian Pacific Islander Desi American community on and off campus through news and commentary. Read us at

Bruin Mobile

Bruin Mobile is the mobile application wing of UCLA Student Media. Created as an experiment in iOS and Android app production at scale, the organization manages the business, design, and technological aspects of mobile app creation and product management. We focus not only on designing and coding customized mobile applications for clients on-campus and across the nation, but also on promoting our services and driving client acquisition. As a recently created department, we foster a startup-oriented culture, and we welcome all entrepreneurially-minded people to help us design, iterate, and plan for the future.

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Ha'Am Newsmagazine: Staff Member - Spring 2017
Deadline: July 23, 2017, 11:59 p.m.
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