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UCLA Radio is the official student-run radio station of UCLA. We are non-commercial, listener-supported, and dedicated to producing high-quality, informative, freeform programming. Our station strives to promote a safe, inclusive music scene in LA that uplifts independent artists. UCLA Radio provides a community for innovative, motivated students from different majors and backgrounds to explore their creativity, build practical skills, and discover the LA music and art scene.

While our primary focus is delivering original and diverse radio content, UCLA Radio members are able to use our platform in a multitude of ways. Through mentorship and collaboration, our members are able to apply their unique interests and develop tangible skills to spearhead their own projects. Past projects have included house shows, concert coverage, photoshoots, zines, in-station performances, fundraising events, and more!

Interested in joining us? Apply to be a Fall 2023 Intern! As an intern, you'll learn more about our station, collaborate on projects, and bond with your fellow interns and other Radio members! The application is due on October 4th at 8 pm PT. Questions can be emailed to [email protected].

11 Job Openings

Digital Press Staff

  • Digital Press Staff

Events Staff

  • Events Staff

Comedy Staff

  • Comedy Staff

Art and Design Intern

  • Art and Design Intern

Music Staff

  • Music Staff

Programming Staff

  • Programming Staff

Productions Staff

  • Productions Staff

Marketing Intern

  • Marketing Intern

News Intern

  • News Intern

Sports Intern

  • Sports Intern

Web Developer Intern

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