Student Media DevOps


A lot of tech/development goes into managing 10 student media organizations including BruinLife, Ha’Am, FEM, and more. As a Student Media Developer, you would be assuming several roles that keep Student Media connected to the UCLA community.

Daily Bruin

The Daily Bruin is the student newspaper at the University of California, Los Angeles. Founded in 1919, it is one of the largest student organizations on campus, consisting of more than 400 staffers across 13 departments: news writing, sports writing, arts & entertainment writing, opinion writing, news radio, graphics reporting, blogging, online/web development, video journalism, copy editing, photojournalism, page design, and cartoon and illustration.

Welcome to the Daily Bruin Fall 2018 application period! You have until the end of Week 2 to complete your application to one of the premier student newspapers in the country.

Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you apply to multiple sections? No. This is a change from recent application periods, but you are only allowed to apply to one section of the Daily Bruin. If you create multiple applications, they will all be denied.

When will intern training happen? Intern training will be the weekends after Week 3 and 4. but the editors will alert you to more specifics during the hiring process. Required media law training will be announced at a later time. These are all required and your acceptance to the organization is contingent upon attendance.

Can graduate students apply? Yes! All undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to apply.

Can UCLA Extension students apply? Unfortunately, no, you may not apply if you are not enrolled at UCLA itself.

Can you work for both student government and the Daily Bruin? Newsmagazines and the Daily Bruin? What about political groups? Essentially, no, unless you’re applying as an Opinion columnist or a blogger. This limitation is to comply with policy for conflicts of interest. You may apply to the Daily Bruin and student government/a newsmagazine, but you must choose between the two if you’re accepted into both. Here’s our abridged policy: “No members of Daily Bruin editorial may work for student government, councils or any governing or political bodies or committees associated with them. Among these are included the Undergraduate Student Association Council, Graduate Student Association, Associated Students of UCLA and On Campus Housing Council.” The policies are less strict about becoming a member of a political group. with the main restriction being against holding a leadership position, but outright displays of partisanship – attending a public event with the Bruin Republicans or posting on your Facebook page about your support for the Democratic presidential candidate – are not allowed unless you are a columnist. Another excerpt: “Bruin staff members – with the exception of opinion columnists and bloggers – cannot hold leadership positions in politically oriented groups. This extends beyond the Bruin Democrats and Bruin Republicans to groups perceived by the campus as being political, even if the group itself doesn’t call itself a political one. Members of The Bruin staff – with the exception of opinion columnists and bloggers – also cannot participate in political events sponsored by these groups.”

FEM Newsmagazine

At FEM, we dedicate ourselves to furthering the application of intersectional feminism to dismantle structures of oppression. We recognize that oppression operates along a multitude of intersecting axes, and we strive to present perspectives that might be otherwise marginalized, erased, or silenced in the mainstream media. We aim to offer perceptive critique of pop culture, report news and current events that we believe are essential to the feminist cause, and provide a space for creative feminist work.

Nommo Newsmagazine

NOMMO newsmagazine is UCLA’s historically Black student publication. It draws its name from the Ki-Swahili term Nommo, which means the magical power of the word. First printed in 1968, NOMMO joined Student Media in 1969 to become the first ethnic student run publication on a college campus in the United States.

Student Media

The UCLA Communications Board was created to support UCLA’s student-run media. From its beginnings in 1919 as the Publications Board, which was responsible for a campus newspaper and yearbook, the Communications Board today oversees ten media titles and several web sites that involve more than 600 students during the year.

Bruin Media Group

Interested in joining the Bruin Media Group? Apply below for the Fall 2018 Bruin Media Group student internship today.

UCLA Radio

UCLA Radio is made up of over 150 unique, creative, and passionate students dedicated to bringing quality programming to our listeners. UCLA Radio has been broadcasting on campus since 1962, when we were established as a “terrestrial radio station” in the basement of Dykstra Residential Hall. Now operating out of a cave in Ackerman and broadcasting online, our audience consists of listeners in such diverse places as Australia, Italy, England, and Brazil. The station is completely student-run and listener-supported through charitable donations and our fundraising efforts. Our eclectic programming features shows spanning a wide variety of musical genres as well as talk radio shows featuring comedy, news, and sports content. In 2012, our station was named the #1 Student-Run Internet-Only College Radio Station in the country by College Music Journal.

Ha'Am Newsmagazine

Ha’Am has been the official student-run Jewish newsmagazine at UCLA since 1972. We are a hybrid, online and print publication that aims to inform both the UCLA student body and the larger Los Angeles community of Jewish happenings and opinions on campus. Our team strives to uphold Jewish values and to instill within our ranks journalistic integrity of the highest order. Together, we engage and grapple with our tradition in the hopes of enriching our diverse experiences.

OutWrite Newsmagazine

Mission Statement

Bruin Mobile

The recently created mobile application wing of UCLA Student Media. If you have any questions on any of the applications or the positions available, please email [email protected]


Founded in 1919, BruinLife is the most historical, all-inclusive (and second-largest) publication on campus.

BruinLife is composed of the:

BruinLife yearbook

BruinLife Magazine

BruinLife Photo Studio

BruinLife yearbook & BruinLife Magazine

BruinLife, and its predecessor Southern Campus, have a unique historical and official status at UCLA. With both BruinLife yearbook and BruinLife Magazine, our main responsibility is the dissemination of news, information, and opinion of value or interest to its audience. We strive to give the UCLA campus, an accurate reflection of the school year thru photos and stories about your every day Bruin.

The BruinLife staff consists of over 50 staffers across 5 departments: writing (encompassing news, sports and A&E writing), blogging, photojournalism, page design, and marketing.

When will intern training happen? Intern training will be the weekends after Week 3 and 4. but the editors will alert you to more specifics during the hiring process. In addition to your staff specific training, a workshop on Media Law is required. Both the weekend training and Media Law training are required and your acceptance to the organization is contingent upon attendance.

Can graduate students apply? Yes! All undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to apply.

Can UCLA Extension students apply? Unfortunately, no, you may not apply if you are not enrolled at UCLA itself.

BruinLife Photo Studio

The BruinLife Photo Studio is Student Media’s professional photo studio that is open all year long.

The BruinLife Photo Studio is one of the few hourly job that Student Media offers (others being in the accounting department). While it shares the name BruinLife, it operates in co-operation with the BruinLife staff but is under the direction of the Operations Manager.

The hiring process for BruinLife Photo Studio is highly competitive and prior basic photo experience is required. Prior customer service experience is not required but preferred.

The BruinLife Photo Studio only recruits during Fall Quarter of each year. Part of the job encompasses a 2 week training period (paid) followed by a written test and a practical test that require a 80% & 90% respectively to be made permanent studio staff.

Applications for BruinLife Photo Studio can be found here:

Al-Talib Newsmagazine

Al-Talib Newsmagazine was established in 1990 by Muslim UCLA students, making it the first student-run Muslim publication in America. The news magazine is part of Student Media UCLA. Staff members are all students and the writers are current students or alumni.

La Gente Newsmagazine

La Gente Newsmagazine, born from the Chicana/o movement, arose out of a need to represent the Latina/o community and Latina/o issues in UCLA and the greater Los Angeles area. In an effort to be the voice of Latina/o experiences, we have featured news and opinions that highlight our communities since 1971. We continue to provide the latest on art, culture, community, and university news and events relating to our communities.

Pacific Ties Newsmagazine

As the the oldest student-run Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) newsmagazine in the nation, Pacific Ties seeks to showcase the rich and diverse stories about the APIDA community on and off campus through news and commentary.