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Welcome to the Daily Bruin's Fall 2023 internship application period!

Applications are now open and you have until Monday, Oct. 9 at noon PT to complete your application to one of the premier student newspapers in the country.

The Daily Bruin is the award-winning student newspaper at the University of California, Los Angeles. Founded in 1919, it is one of the largest student organizations on campus, consisting of more than 400 staffers across 20 sections: News, Sports, Arts , Opinion, Design, Illustrations, Cartoons, Graphics, The Stack (data journalism), Photo, Copy-editing, Online (web development), Bruinwalk development, The Quad (explanatory journalism), Video, Podcasts, PRIME (our quarterly magazine), Enterprise (investigative reporting), Social Media and Outreach.

We'll be holding workshops to answer questions and help you through the application process in the weeks leading up to the application due date. Experience, "connections" or an elaborate resume are not required.

Please follow us on social media (@dailybruinappinfo) for application reminders and to learn more about the Bruin – this is the main place where we'll be posting updates (in addition to staff spotlights, fun facts, section takeovers and more!). Email [email protected] with any general application questions, or contact the respective editors listed on our staff page with section-specific inquiries.

Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Am I eligible to apply?

If you're a UCLA undergraduate or graduate student, yes! If you are a UCLA Extension student, recent graduate, high school hopeful or otherwise, you are unfortunately ineligible to apply.

  • Can I apply to multiple sections?

For this quarter, applicants are allowed to apply to up to two sections of the Daily Bruin, with the exception of Arts, Online and Bruinwalk. If you apply for one of those three sections, you are not allowed to apply to another section of the Daily Bruin.

  • When will intern training happen?

Your editors will fill you in on training specifics during the interview phase of hiring. Intern training will be held during the weekends following Week 3, 4 and 5 in person. You must also attend media law and sensitivity training upon hiring, with a date to be determined. These are all required and your acceptance to the organization is contingent upon your participation.

  • Can I join [x organization] AND the Daily Bruin?

Our conflict of interest policies prevent students from working for both the Daily Bruin and political organizations/committees, including student government (i.e., any USAC office in any capacity). You may apply to the Daily Bruin and student government, but you must choose between the two if you’re accepted into both. Staffers from the Opinion section may join conventional partisan political groups (Bruin Democrats, Bruin Republicans, etc.) as long as they do not hold leadership positions in these groups. Staffers outside of the Opinion section may not join conventional partisan political groups, but may join non-partisan political groups like Bruin Political Union.

21 Job Openings

Photography Intern

  • Photography Intern

Sports Intern

  • Sports Intern

Video Intern

  • Video Intern

Design Intern

  • Design Intern

Social Media Intern

  • Social Media Intern

Copy Intern

  • Copy Intern

Illustrations Intern

  • Illustrations Intern

Cartoonist Intern

  • Cartoonist Intern

Arts and Entertainment Intern

  • Arts and Entertainment Intern

Opinion Columnist Intern

  • Opinion Columnist Intern

News Intern

  • News Intern

Graphics Intern

  • Graphics Intern

Software Engineering Intern

  • Software Engineering Intern

Data Journalism Intern

  • Data Journalism Intern

Prime Magazine Writing Intern

  • Prime Magazine Writing Intern

www.bruinwalk.com Intern

  • www.bruinwalk.com Intern

Enterprise Intern

  • Enterprise Intern

Outreach Intern

  • Outreach Intern

Explanatory Journalism Intern

  • Explanatory Journalism Intern

Podcast Intern

  • Podcast Intern

UI/UX Designer

  • UI/UX Designer