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Founded in 1919, BruinLife is the most historical, all-inclusive (and second-largest) publication on campus.

BruinLife is composed of:

  • BruinLife Online Magazine/Blog
  • BruinLife Photo Studio
  • BruinLife yearbook

BruinLife, and its predecessor Southern Campus, have a unique historical and official status at UCLA. With both BruinLife yearbook and Bruin Life Magazine, our main responsibility is the dissemination of news, information, and opinion of value or interest to its audience. We strive to give the UCLA campus, an accurate reflection of the school year thru photos and stories about your every day Bruin.

The Bruin Life staff consists of over 70 staffers across 6 departments:

  • Writing for the yearbook
  • Writing for online blog/magazine
  • Photojournalism
  • Page design
  • Social Media
  • Video

When will intern training happen? Intern training will be the weekends after Week 3 and 4. but the editors will alert you to more specifics during the hiring process. In addition to your staff specific training, a workshop on Media Law is required. Both the weekend training and Media Law training are required and your acceptance to the organization is contingent upon attendance.

Can graduate students apply? Yes! All undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to apply.

Can UCLA Extension students apply? Unfortunately, no, you may not apply if you are not enrolled at UCLA itself.

BruinLife Photo Studio The BruinLife Photo Studio is Student Media's professional photo studio that is open all year long.

The BruinLife Photo Studio is one of the few hourly job that Student Media offers (others being in the accounting department). While it shares the name BruinLife, it operates in co-operation with the BruinLife staff but is under the direction of the Operations Manager.

The hiring process for BruinLife Photo Studio is highly competitive and prior basic photo experience is required with customer service experience is highly considered.

The BruinLife Photo Studio only recruits during Fall Quarter of each year. Part of the job encompasses a 2 week period of probation during which time your performance is being evaluated before being being brought on full time for the school time.

Applications for BruinLife Photo Studio can be found here: