Productions is made up of both the grunts and the sound-artists of our station. We train members in audio production and live sound, and, once generally certified as A-OK, members accept tasks based on their availability and interest. Sometimes the work is physically draining (like when live bands come in; this task requires mic setup, plugging in and moving amps around and that junk), and sometimes its mind-numbing (like when editing long sound files; this task requires some time in front of the computer, bumping around Audacity). But actually both of those examples also display the magic of productions- that in each task, one can find and explore a back-end aesthetic sensibility. What makes a band sound good on air? Mic placement, mixing skills, a touch of reverb, guitar 1 panned left and guitar 2 panned right... and what makes a soundcloud-piece/interview shine online? Fading in music, dropping some subtle sound effects, lining up the emotional drop just right... There's an oft-forgotten wonder present in this work! ~Follow for a taste~

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