Photography Intern

  • Category:
    Photography Intern
  • Deadline:
    Oct. 14, 2020, 11:59 p.m.

Overview: A Pacific Ties photographer is responsible for facilitating the overall visual aesthetic of the print issue, producing visual components to supplement the writer’s work, and telling the narratives of their community through camera lenses. In addition to producing content, photographers are expected to attend design and media staff meetings that provides a creative environment where editors will assist photographers in the creative photo series process, and occasional all-staff meetings where all sections will come together to work on upcoming/ongoing projects.

Experience is not required to join. New and experienced photographers are all encouraged to apply.

What You Will Do: -> Attend weekly staff meetings and biweekly design meetings -> Be responsible for your assignments and meet deadlines. -> Engage in discussions about the APIDA community. -> Shoot various topics for articles -> Provide original illustrations/designs to accompany the written works by staff writers for the website and print issues.

What we can offer you: -> A more extensive resume. This is an internship!!! -> Networking opportunities with alumni and other Student Media publications. -> Information on jobs, internships, and scholarships. -> A platform for your voice and a chance to print. -> Connections with other APIDA student groups and community organizations. -> Valuable newsroom knowledge and a better understanding of the Asian American experience. -> Opportunities to receive cross-training in other staff positions such as editor, photographer, designer… -> A safe space for dialogue and different values.