Outreach Intern

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    Outreach Intern
  • Deadline:
    Oct. 9, 2020, 11:59 p.m.

OVERVIEW - The outreach team is Nommo’s community liaison. Similar to the social media team, the outreach staff serves as an internal and external relations team and is responsible for communicating Nommo’s values to the community, showing face and engaging with on-campus clubs, seeking out stories from community events, and communicating with Nommo’s staff. The internal relations subteam will work primarily with Nommo’s staff, UCLA professionals and student leaders, and the Nommo editorial board. The external relations subteam will work with small businesses, attend off-campus events, and seek fundraising opportunities in the area. In short, the outreach staff interns are the PTA moms of the organization. They are responsible for the on-campus and off-campus community image.

DESCRIPTION & RESPONSIBILITIES - This staff is responsible for all aspects of Nommo’s on-campus and off-campus presence, including attending UCLA events, coordinating interviews with community members and officials, planning events and retreats, creating a newsletter and mailing list, and organizing collaborations with other campus organizations. This includes attending events on and off-campus, writing a 150-300 word blurb about the event, and posting in online within 48 hours. They will also work alongside social media staff to coordinate content posts. One member of the internal public relations staff will be the designated Harambe Council representative for Nommo. Each staff member is responsible for attending 2 events (virtual) held by another organization and creating a respective content post. This staff is collaborative but will be divided based on internal and external relations interests.

The outreach staff is expected to attend any all-staff meetings (twice a quarter) and outreach staff meetings as directed by the editorial board. Nommo is a collaborative effort and all staffers should be effective communicators.

Thank you for your time and effort! We look forward to building a staff of creative and invested individuals for this years’ publication! Email [email protected] with any questions.