Layout/Design Intern

  • Category:
    Layout/Design Intern
  • Deadline:
    Oct. 9, 2020, 11:59 p.m.

OVERVIEW - The layout/design staff is the center for all-things aesthetics. From print magazine to website design and maintenance, the layout and design staff organizes, perfects, and cultivates beauty in all of our content. If your name is Jared, you’re 19, and you never learned how to read, that’s okay too! The layout/design staff is purely responsible for making everything look just right, not for changing the content. There is no experience required for layout and design, but applicants should have an appreciation for aesthetics and a willingness to explore Adobe InDesign and Wordpress.

DESCRIPTION & RESPONSIBILITIES - The layout and design staff is responsible for all aspects of Nommo’s design in print and fostering the quality design of Nommo’s online projects. This includes creating cohesive content styles for Nommo’s website and print content. The design staff is responsible for updating the Nommo design guide and ensuring that the print and online content follows it. Layout staff is responsible for creating magazine layouts for digital print publications. They are responsible for updating the Nommo website. They are expected to work closely with the writing staff to produce an accurate, unique representation of written content. As an “on-call” staff, responsibilities vary based on need from adjacent staffs within Nommo’s network.

The layout/design staff is expected to attend any all-staff meetings (twice a quarter) and layout/design staff meetings as directed by their editor. Nommo is a collaborative effort and all staffers should be effective communicators.

Thank you for your time and effort! We look forward to building a staff of creative and invested individuals for this years’ publication! Email [email protected] with any questions.