Staff Writer

  • Category:
    Writing Intern
  • Deadline:
    Oct. 9, 2023, noon

Ha’Am is the Jewish newsmagazine at UCLA. We are a hybrid, online and print publication that aims to inform both the UCLA student body and the larger Los Angeles community of Jewish happenings and opinions on campus. Our team strives to uphold Jewish values and to instill within our ranks journalistic integrity of the highest order. Together, we engage and grapple with our tradition in the hopes of enriching our diverse experiences. However, before and after all of that, we are a family, and we would love if you were part of it. If you are interested in Jewish Life, are sincere, and are hardworking, then we are looking for you.

Our writing team is responsible for creating the articles, opinion pieces, poems, and stories that we publish. Writing interns are expected to write at least two articles per quarter and generally have free reign on what they want to write about, so long as it aligns with our values. Writers may be asked to cover current events at UCLA (as they come) which may include conducting interviews, attending an event, or doing some investigative writing.