Video Intern

  • Category:
    Video Intern
  • Deadline:
    Jan. 17, 2020, 11:59 p.m.

Members of FEM’s Video Team work together to create feminist videos (including documentaries, promotional videos for print, narrative short films, non-narrative video art, and much more) that support FEM’s mission statement. Prior film experience is not required as one of our goals as a department is to teach filmmakers who are shut out of the mainstream film industry and create a supportive, flexible feminist filmmaking environment. The position’s responsibilities include attending meetings and video shoots; generating new, creative video ideas; and trying out different positions such as cinematographer or editor. Take on any role you see fit for yourself - writing, directing, shooting, acting, editing, production, etc. - and feel free to try more than one thing.

Position Responsibilities: 1. Produce video content for FEM. (Creative, promotional, documentary, etc) 2. Ensure all content posted on platforms adheres to FEM's mission statement 3. Cooperation with FEM's member policy

NOTICE: You will be expected to attend MANDATORY training sessions at the beginning of Winter quarter. Training will begin during these dates: January 25-26th, February 1-2, and February 8-9. You MUST attend training, so keep that in mind when deciding to apply.