Software Engineering Intern

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    Software Engineering Intern
  • Deadline:
    Oct. 3, 2022, noon

Thank you for your interest in Daily Bruin Online! We're excited to receive your application.

As a software engineering intern, you'll gain practical web development, DevOps, and system design experience working in teams to create, deploy, and manage sites and web apps on a deadline. All interns will be trained in modern full-stack development practices, from creating single page applications with React to developing and deploying servers backed by databases. Daily Bruin Online is one of the oldest practical development student organizations on campus and our contributors have gone on to have software engineering and product management internships at top newspapers and tech companies including The New York Times, LA Times, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Adobe, Amazon, and Bloomberg, among others.

Below is a short list of some work that our interns from last year contributed:

External Sites: Grammy Awards 2022 Flatpage

Main Site: redesign of!

Internal Tools: Social media manager and scheduler!, gallery-maker!

For a more complete list of projects that we have worked on, please check our GitHub organization:

We welcome applicants of all skill levels, majors, and backgrounds and have had successful contributors come in with no prior programming experience (Really! We promise!). We have projects of varying scope and complexity from making simple pages with HTML/CSS to developing apps with server frameworks that power our sites. We especially love applicants with React or design experience. Please note there are 3 half-day mandatory training sessions that we will expect you to attend, on three consecutive weekends after hiring. You will also be expected to attend weekly meetings with the team you get accepted to.

If you have any questions about Daily Bruin Online, the application, or the internship process, please email us [email protected]

Thank you for applying!