Opinion Columnist Intern

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    Opinion Columnist Intern
  • Deadline:
    Oct. 9, 2023, noon

Welcome to Opinion's Fall 2023 application! We're so happy you're interested in joining the Opinion section. Opinion is the Daily Bruin's home for all things opinion – that means columns, op-eds, and editorials. As a columnist, you will write a story about a topic of your choice every three or four weeks (or more, depending on your schedule). You will work closely with editors, as well as fellow columnists. You will get the chance to speak with some of the most interesting people on campus and learn about the inner workings of your community. The Opinion section is dictated by what our columnists are most passionate about, but before you become a columnist, you will be an Opinion intern. Don't worry; you won't be an intern in a traditional sense. Interns are just columnists in training. You'll be ready to start writing for us after a quarter of interning, which will consist of weekend trainings and publishing an article with the News section. After a year with Opinion, you will be eligible to become paid staff, making around $15 per column. If you have any questions, feel free to email Opinion Editor Laila Wheeler at opin[email protected]. We look forward to reading your application.

Important note: If you want to write for us, you cannot be a member of any office of the Undergraduate Students Association Council or hold a leadership position in a partisan political organization, such as Bruin Democrats or Bruin Republicans. This means, as a columnist, you can join a partisan organization as a member but cannot occupy leadership positions.