Data Journalism Intern

  • Category:
    Data Journalism Intern
  • Deadline:
    Oct. 9, 2023, 11 p.m.

Data is a new section that emerged from the Daily Bruin’s Stack Data Journalism blog with the purpose of creating interactive, data-driven content for both Stack articles and as art for articles from other sections.

As a Data journalist for the Daily Bruin, you will be able to convey stories that are relevant to our campus through data-driven visualizations and infographics. As a data journalism intern, you'll gain practical reporting, data analysis and web development experience working to create projects on deadline. We use JavaScript and Python to create our interactive articles, and we will teach you all the skills you’ll need to know during training. (To see past Stack’s past work, follow this link:


Data journalism interns expected to work on one major Data (aka “Stack”) project and complete 1 request or a "Stack Stats" Instagram post per quarter.

Please note that content production requirements will vary depending on the number of team members and demands of other content sections.

All interns are expected to be available for two 30-minute meetings per week.

Applications are due by Monday, October 9th, at 12 PM PST. Please contact the Data editors at ([email protected]) or the Data editor Junwon Choi ([email protected]) with any questions or concerns.

IMPORTANT NOTES: No intern is required (nor expected) to have data analysis skills/experience. Training and further assistance will be provided at the beginning of and throughout your time at Daily Bruin.