Copy editors are the watchdogs of the paper. We edit every article that goes in print and on the website to make sure that it follows the rules of grammar, Associated Press style, coherency, factual accuracy and consistency. Copy is ultimately responsible for sending a clean, consistent and complete paper to the printer by deadline. We want to help reporters present their stories in the best possible way, which means working with all the sections of the paper. We are also the readers’ advocate, which means we’re on the lookout for things that might trip up potential readers – things like inaccurate reporting, ungrammatical sentences or misplaced words. Beyond that, we have to pay attention to subtext and context within the article as a whole, as language can either inform or alienate a reader, and we want to help the reader as much as possible. From small details to the big picture, Copy makes headlines every day. Literally. If you think that the presentation of a story, the feel of a word or the placement of a comma can actually make a difference, then you should apply to join Daily Bruin Copy.

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