Marketing Intern

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    Marketing Intern
  • Deadline:
    Oct. 18, 2021, noon

As a whole, BruinLife is composed of various components: BruinLife yearbook, BruinLife Magazine, BruinLife blog and the BruinLife Photo Studio. As part of the Marketing staff, you will be responsible for BruinLife's social media platforms while also engaging in weekly writing projects. The Marketing Staff is responsible for all advertising, business, and sales related to the yearbook and BruinLife Photo Studio. Staff members design flyers and advertisements, as well as run the BruinLife website and conduct business agreements with other groups on campus.


After a minimum of 1 quarter of interning, interns become eligible to be placed on stipend staff. A stipend is not an hourly compensation and is paid based on projects completed.


  • Content creation for Instagram and Facebook posts including pictures, captions, and paid posts to maintain the aesthetic of current channels.
  • 1 blog assignment every other week.
  • Post regularly on BruinLifeā€™s existing Instagram and Facebook channels.
  • Create and execute actionable plans for expanding current social media channels to increase views and follower count.
  • Design weekly ads to run in the Daily Bruin newspaper advertising any of our products
  • Table/Flyer weekly to promote our brand/products
  • Mascot Runs: BruinLife has a squirrel mascot who goes around campus weekly to promote BruinLife
  • Greek row walks to promote our various promotions/products
  • Help develop and execute creative marketing strategies for a variety of our products
  • Post online from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more to personal channels
  • Attend bimonthly marketing meetings
  • Attend quarterly All Staff meetings (2-4 per quarter)
  • Deal with customers regarding purchases of various of our products
  • 1 Writing Assignment: Regardless of whichever staff you belong to, everyone is required to write a minimum of 1 article for the yearbook (300-600 words). This is to speed up production, but to also help build your writing skills and used to the style of writing we will be using on both our online platform and social media platforms
  • Complete a minimum of 3 office hours: All BruinLife staff members are required to do a minimum 3 office hours (you choose the hours) per week in the office. And no, these are not the same as professor office hours. The purpose of these office hours are to do BruinLife related work, study, nap, get away from the heat/cold, but mostly to interact with other members of the BL staff who you will be working with.*


Applicants do not need prior social media/marketing experience to apply for this job. There will be staff workshops and office hours available for guidance. However, due to the nature of the position, candidates with basic knowledge of social media and/or marketing skills will be preferred.

What we can offer you

  • A more extensive resume.
  • Networking opportunities with alumni and other Student Media publications.
  • A platform for your creative work thru our magazine and blog.
  • Valuable marketing knowledge and better understanding of how to work in a marketing/sales environment.
  • Connections with community organizations.
  • A safe space for dialogue and different values.
  • Food and socials/field trips.
  • Long time friends.

Application Materials

Resume (PDF)

Short answer responses

If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected]