News Intern

  • Category:
    News Intern
  • Deadline:
    Oct. 3, 2022, noon

ATTENTION ATTENTION! This just in! The Al-Talib News Magazine is scouting Muslim news reporters! We are looking for individuals who are willing to speak on current ongoing news in less than five minute videos on a regular basis. Our Al-Talib news reporters speak on behalf of the underrepresented Muslim community from an international, national, and local level on various social media platforms associated with the Newsletter. The news reporters are expected to perform the following tasks on a regular basis throughout the school year: research and gather news articles, report on events, record and/or edit video content, conduct interviews. In addition to producing content, news reporters are expected to attend weekly all-staff meetings to collaborate with other Al-Talib members on upcoming/ongoing projects.

If you have any ideas for the position or questions or comments on the position, please contact Sara Shirazian at [email protected]