UCLA Radio is made up of over 150 unique, creative, and passionate students dedicated to bringing quality programming to our listeners. UCLA Radio has been broadcasting on campus since 1962, when we were established as a “terrestrial radio station” in the basement of Dykstra Residential Hall. Now operating out of a cave in Ackerman and broadcasting online, our audience consists of listeners in such diverse places as Australia, Italy, England, and Brazil. The station is completely student-run and listener-supported through charitable donations and our fundraising efforts. Our eclectic programming features shows spanning a wide variety of musical genres as well as talk radio shows featuring comedy, news, and sports content. In 2012, our station was named the #1 Student-Run Internet-Only College Radio Station in the country by College Music Journal.

Art and Design Staff Closed

The Art & Design department is focused primarily on creating and maintaining UCLA Radio's aesthetic and visual brand. Some responsibilities include, but aren’t limited to, merchandise design, social media, posters and other graphics needed throughout the station. Joining the department is a great way to gain experience in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, marketing, and creative collaboration. Although preferred, you do not need prior experience in art or design to join this department, just have good ideas! Note: The Art & Design department does not teach its members how to use the software, but rather fosters an environment where members have projects through which they can develop their skills.

Digital Press Staff Closed

UCLA Radio's Digital Press department showcases articles written by student DJ's on our blog. From sports articles and concert reviews, to opinion editorials and interviews with musicians, UCLA Radio's blog has a variety of content that allows you to be as creative as you want in your writing. For additional questions, e-mail [email protected]

Fundraising Staff Closed

The Fundraising Department does exactly what you'd expect. You need money to do anything in this world, and that includes running a college radio station. To get our hands on cold hard cash, we apply for grants and organize events and dinners throughout the school year. Our main fundraising event is the Pledge Drive, which is a month-long, station-wide donation solicitation spearheaded by us and the Marketing Department. It's with this pledge drive that we fund most of the station operations for the year, making us integral to UCLA Radio's success.

Music Staff Closed

The music department provides as a taste-maker for new music coming into the station. We are the ones who decide what music gets put into our library, ultimately determining what new trends our DJs are setting in the music world. Our department works closely with the world of music/radio outside of campus. You will also help to create playlists for the six master-genres that we play and that highlight the tastes of the station.

Photo and Video Staff Closed

The Photo and Video Department provides coverage of all in-station interviews and performances, and also gives members the opportunity to gain access to live shows and take photos at venues all over L.A. Members are responsible for recording, editing, and watermarking photos and video to be published on social media and provide a history of our station. No experience necessary.

Programming Staff Closed

The programming department is your logistical best friend. The two most significant responsibilities of the programming department are creating the quarterly schedule of shows and continuously reviewing current shows throughout a quarter. These tasks draw on knowledge of existing programs and enable UCLA Radio to reach its full potential each new quarter. As a member of programming, you will be responsible for reviewing shows and participating in creating the best content on Youtube, our online platform and iTunes podcasts; through this, you will gain a truer understanding of the immense diversity and quality found within UCLA Radio programming and better relationships with the people that create that.

Sports Staff Closed

UCLA Radio Sports is the premier destination for students interested in starting a career in journalism and broadcasting. Our department currently airs a show each day from 5-6pm on Monday-Friday. The department currently has reporting opportunities with the Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Clippers and is looking to expand coverage by doing play-by-play coverage of UCLA sporting events.

Dev Staff Closed

Radio's dev department builds all the software our listeners and staff experience every day. We do everything from imagining what the radio stream should look like to actually keeping it running, and we're always working with other departments to imagine the future! The ideal dev intern loves making apps almost as much as they love Frank Ocean and/or Pink Floyd.

Comedy Staff Closed

Ha ha ha.

Events Staff Closed

The events department is responsible for all events, both internally and externally, that UCLA Radio participates in. One of our main focuses is coordinating DJ opportunities around campus and LA and getting other clubs and organizations to book our DJs for parties, events, etc. Events Department is home to many live DJs that have experience with DJing an event. We also manage our own DJ equipment and the money we make in our gigs helps fund UCLA radio. We also are in charge of internal events for the station, throwing parties and hosting activities to bring the station closer. No prior DJ experience is required, and if you want to learn how to live mix songs in a party setting, or want experience coordinating and running events, this department is for you!

Marketing Staff Closed

The Marketing Department at UCLA Radio is responsible for building and creating the brand of the station. This can include everything from orchestrating merchandise sales, organizing social media, fliering on Bruinwalk, and working with external groups to present events. We work with UCLA groups and administration, concert venues and our own event department to get the word out about all of the amazing things UCLA Radio has to offer.

News Staff Closed

The UCLA Radio News Department is a highly-collaborative team of student journalists with a passion for policy, politics, and radio. Whether interviewing a live guest or contributing to our blog, our anchors strive to produce journalistic content that challenges our audiences, expands our campus discourse, and contributes to a well-informed student body. Indeed, our anchors tackle issues ranging from the local and global, from campus politics to global affairs. Internally, the UCLA Radio News Department is committed to our members’ growth as both journalists and thinkers. To this end, we are wholeheartedly dedicated to making our department a fun, innovative, and safe space for intellectually curious students who would like to make a difference. Join our team and apply to join UCLA Radio News today!

Productions Staff Closed

Productions is made up of both the grunts and the sound-artists of our station. We train members in audio production and live sound, and, once generally certified as A-OK, members accept tasks based on their availability and interest. Sometimes the work is physically draining (like when live bands come in; this task requires mic setup, plugging in and moving amps around and that junk), and sometimes its mind-numbing (like when editing long sound files; this task requires some time in front of the computer, bumping around Audacity). But actually both of those examples also display the magic of productions- that in each task, one can find and explore a back-end aesthetic sensibility. What makes a band sound good on air? Mic placement, mixing skills, a touch of reverb, guitar 1 panned left and guitar 2 panned right... and what makes a soundcloud-piece/interview shine online? Fading in music, dropping some subtle sound effects, lining up the emotional drop just right... There's an oft-forgotten wonder present in this work! ~Follow https://soundcloud.com/ucla-radio for a taste~

Promotions Staff Closed

Have you ever wondered who is in charge of those ticket giveaways on UCLA Radio’s socials? That’s the promo department. Promotions serves to promote events in the Los Angeles area and in turn promote UCLA Radio at these events. In the promotions department, we expect you to be in the front lines: tabling at various events in Los Angeles, creating promotional proposals to send out to event coordinators, and creating contests for ticket giveaways.

Campus Organization Show Application Closed

UCLA clubs and organizations have the opportunity to apply for a one hour weekly show regarding the organization. While the organization will be represented as a whole through the show, it is required that each organization designate one point person to complete training through our quarter-long intern program. Use our amazing platform to promote the ideas behind your club!

UI/UX Designer Closed

Our Dev department is looking for a UI/UX Designer this quarter! We are looking for a single intern for this position with some background knowledge and experience with UI/UX design. This position requires working closely with both the Dev and Art and Design departments to keep our website and mobile app fresh and updated! This intern would still be eligible for a radio show as well as all the other perks that come with joining UCLAradio :~)