A Graphic Designer is responsible for working closely with writers in laying out pages, facilitating the overall design process of the print issue, and producing flyers and other promotional material. Designers may also submit original artwork/illustrations for publication, either as a stand alone piece or in collaboration with a writing piece. Experience with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Canva and/or other creative platforms is preferred, but experience with Adobe InDesign is necessary.

Please note that mandatory media law training and design training for new Graphic Designers will occur on the weekends of Weeks 3 and 4. Times and location TBA.

What You Will Do

-Attend weekly staff meetings.

-Create flyers and advertisements.

-Layout editing for print issues.

-Design Pacific Ties merchandises (stickers, t-shirts, etc.).

-Web design (if applicable).

-Engage in discussions about the APIDA community.

-Actively participate in Pacific Ties events and outreach.

What we can offer you

-A more extensive resume.

-Networking opportunities with alumni and other Student Media publications.

-Information on jobs, internships, and scholarships.

-A platform for your creative works.

-Connections with other APIDA student groups and community organization.

-Valuable news room knowledge and better understanding of the Asian American experience.

-Opportunities to receive cross training in other staff positions such as writer, editor, photographer…

-A safe space for dialogue and different values.

-Food and socials/field trips.

Current Applications
Past Applications