Digital Staff are responsible for the online and social media presence of Nommo. Digital Staff do not need previous journalism experience, however proficiency in social media platforms including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are preferred. We want people who think critically and are willing to work. We want passionate people interested in elevating Black voices and perspectives in digital spaces and formats.


Digital Staff will contribute at minimum 3 articles of about 500-800 words for digital platforms quarterly. Digital Staff will produce at minimum 3 social media engagements quarterly. Minimum time commitment is between 3 and 5 hours per week.

Digital Staff must attend mandatory All Staff meetings twice per quarter, and must attend all 1/2 hour weekly section meetings unless excused by the section editor. There is a minimum 1 office hour per week, to be met at any time that the building is open. Office hour time can be used to work on articles, review copy, brainstorm new pitches, and collaborate with other staff members.

All Nommo staff must participate in at least 1 Nommo event per quarter such as tabling, Black Weds, or other events.


Nommo provides an opportunity to improve and sharpen your writing with the help of a talented and dynamic team. Nommo supplies the space to propose and produce creative content for print and digital platforms.

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