As a visuals staff member you have the opportunity to become a full fledged part of the visuals team. You will take up a visuals intern and create visuals mainly for print and social media. We will sometimes hold workshops that you will participate to reach out to the community. The visuals will vary from political cartoons, to poetic imagery. *If you are interested in Video please fill out the separate job listing for Video*

What You Will Do

Fall quarter will introduce you to the style guide, editing workflow, and objectives of La Gente Newsmagazine.

Two Student Media training sessions (be prepared to dedicate two Saturdays or Sundays); October 20th & 27 or October 21st & 28th depending on your position.

One Media Law training

General Meetings will happen once a week for an hour to 1.5 hours.

An extra 2 hours will be dedicated to social media, flyering, outreach, or fundraising (your choice).

You will provide visuals for a minimum of 5 articles and 2 social media posts during the fall quarter.

An overnight group retreat will be held the Friday of week 2

What we can offer you

A team of experienced editors that will help immerse yourself in professional visual production and aesthetics.

Decades of material, connections, and dedication to pull from.

Access to concerts, screenings, art exhibitions, or whatever type of events you’re dedicated to covering.

A loving community that loves to hold social events and where you will bond over hardships and successes.

(Occasional) Snacks

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