La Gente Newsmagazine, born from the Chicana/o movement, arose out of a need to represent the Latina/o community and Latina/o issues in UCLA and the greater Los Angeles area. In an effort to be the voice of Latina/o experiences, we have featured news and opinions that highlight our communities since 1971. We continue to provide the latest on art, culture, community, and university news and events relating to our communities.

Print Layout Designer Closed

The print layout designer will be tasked with the digital layout of our work for print, web, and other layout and design assignments as needed. You should be skillful and artful at InDesign and layout, be able to see the words and images in columns, and have some knowledge of and be ready to learn printer/production marks and conventions, transfer, and settings.

Visuals Intern Closed


As a visuals intern you will learn the basics to developing socio-political imagery for the writing content online and in print. You will also have the opportunity to make your own visually-based article such as a photo-essay, creative project, or documentary. *If you are interested in Video please fill out the separate job listing for Video*

Visuals Staff Closed


As a visuals staff member you have the opportunity to become a full fledged part of the visuals team. You will take up a visuals intern and create visuals mainly for print and social media. We will sometimes hold workshops that you will participate to reach out to the community. The visuals will vary from political cartoons, to poetic imagery. *If you are interested in Video please fill out the separate job listing for Video*

Copy Editor Closed

You are the glue that keeps the magazine running. As copy editor you will help out the staff finalize their pieces before reviewed by the Editor-In-Chief and published. Grammatical, punctuation, word flow, and spelling errors should be your main priority but stay alert of anything that might go against our style guide.

Social Media Intern Closed

As a social intern for La Gente you will focus on developing a relationship with the rest of the team and learning the ins and outs of producing/publishing content on our social media platforms. These include: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.

Alumni Outreach Coordinator Closed

Do you have excellent written skills, an outgoing personality, and a desire to familiarize yourself with prominent Latinx alumni? The alumni outreach coordinator will be responsible for managing a database of alumni who have an interest or connection with La Gente, journalism, activism, or Latinx culture/heritage as well as adding to that list through research and direct outreach.

Staff Writer Closed

As a staff writer your role as a part of La Gente consists of furthering connections to the magazine, UCLA, and the Latinx communities through your articles. In order to do so you will pitch your ideas to your editor(s), remit information to the visual team, and organize our blog content posting timeline.

Intern photographer Closed

The intern photographer will be counted on to assist in all photoshoots and cover an event. As assistant on assignment you will be on the lookout for how the photographers follow the La Gente style guide; treating our subjects in a respectful and interactive manner, ensuring coverage, etc. Your task will also include capturing social media content. When not on assignment or event the intern photographer will be responsible for digital transfer, labeling/naming, backup, and archiving of all images. Keep in mind that not all assignments will be about hard news but also creative content, you will learn to harness your photographic skills in both ways.

Spanish Translator/Writer Closed

The Spanish translator/writer will be responsible for translating and/or proofing articles created in English and Spanish. The best applicant is a native speaker of both languages and is familiar with expressions and colloquialisms but should write professionally, for print and (uncommonly) on the web.