At FEM, we dedicate ourselves to furthering the application of intersectional feminism to dismantle structures of oppression. We recognize that oppression operates along a multitude of intersecting axes, and we strive to present perspectives that might be otherwise marginalized, erased, or silenced in the mainstream media. We aim to offer perceptive critique of pop culture, report news and current events that we believe are essential to the feminist cause, and provide a space for creative feminist work.

Art and Design Staff Closed

A FEM designer is interested in engaging with feminist ideologies and hungry to create meaningful work. This position requires active communication with editors, writers, social media team members, and the design directors. You will be creating illustrations, photographs, and original artwork that demonstrates the ideas expressed in FEM articles. You will also assist on photoshoots and interviews to create digital and print content for the magazine.

Section Copy Editor Closed

FEM copy editors are expected to edit articles every week, focusing primarily on the grammar, style, and logical flow of each article that they edit.

Fundraising Staff Closed

Fundraising team members are responsible for executing and assisting in the organization of fundraising projects in order to meet FEM budget objectives. Fundraising projects, including grant applications and merchandise ventures, are crucial to the financial stability of FEM and its long term ability to expand as a significant force on campus. Members also work on balancing budgets, drafting ideas for fun and unique fundraising events, and accounting for transactions.

Section Contributor Closed

FEM contributors produce articles at least three times a quarter, on topics ranging from current events to pop culture. They also have the opportunity to contribute to FEM's annual issue in Spring quarter. If accepted, contributors are considered for promotions (staff writers, editors, etc.) within FEM's staff for future quarters.

Print Manager Closed

As print manager, you will be responsible for monitoring the progress of FEM's print issue every quarter. You will keep staff on schedule and report progress in senior staff meetings. You will be working closely with design directors, section editors, and the editor-in-chief to produce the print issue.