Account Manger will work closely with our Marketing & Sales Influencer team to execute marketing strategies through Bruin Media Group’s social media channels. Create content for social media. The Social Media Account manager will work to market and promote existing social media channels, develop emerging channels, and create content to increase advertising reach and follower count. Work directly with with clients and in-house sales representatives for their social media marketing needs.

What You Will Do

Work with the Director of Social Media Advertising to affectively market BMG’s clients across social media.

Content creation for Instagram and Facebook posts including pictures, captions, and paid posts to maintain the aesthetic of current channels.

Post regularly on Bruin Media’s existing Instagram and Facebook channels.

Create and execute actionable plans for expanding current social media channels to increase views and follower count.

Create new social media pages to increase our clients’ market presence and BMG’s advertising strength.

What we can offer you

Hourly pay

Hands on experience in the Social Media Marketing field

Deeper understanding of the functions of a marketing and advertising business

Current Applications
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