Interested in joining the Bruin Media Group? Apply below for the Fall 2018 Bruin Media Group student internship today.

Sales & Marketing Intern Closed


Interns will work closely with our social media advertising team to develop and execute marketing strategies on campus. Clients range from local Westwood businesses to Fortune 500 companies to up and coming apps and more. Interns must be reliable and responsible. Interns must be able to work well both individually and in groups. Our interns do not have to pledge a big time commitment but are expected to attend weekly meetings and perform other tasks such as tabling, row walks, and posting content to personal media channels on time. Interns will gain an insightful look into the world of marketing and advertising. Our interns receive unparalleled real world experience and exclusive access to industry professionals. The internship will run from mid October to late January. Exceptional interns may be offered permanent positions at the agency upon the program’s conclusion.

What You Will Do

Work as on-campus influencers and brand representatives

Help develop and execute creative marketing strategies for a variety of clients

Post online from Facebook, Instagram, Yelp, Twitter and more to personal channels

Attend weekly meetings

Work towards creating the highest marketing value among intern group by the end of the internship period

What we can offer you

First hand marketing experience

Learn about clients and marketing in the college setting

Opportunity to apply for a permanent position at the internships conclusion