As a web developer intern you'll gain experience with coding languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and you will also gain practical experience working in teams to create web projects on deadline. Daily Bruin Online contributors have had software engineering and product management internships at Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Adobe, Disney, Bloomberg, MongoDB, among others.

Recent Work

Wake of the Storm - Interactive package of reporting by Daily Bruin reporters on the aftermath and recovery of Typhoon Yolanda

UCLA Unseen - An interactive map highlighting lesser known places on campus

Your Time at UCLA - Charts and events that have happened since you entered UCLA

Define Your Dorm - Crowd sourcing mad libs for UCLA's dorms

Dance Marathon 2016 Coverage

Caring for the Caregivers - Collection of stories detailing the experiences of medical school students

Graduation Issue: 2016

Boots on the Ground - Stories about UCLA's ROTC cadets

The Stack - The Daily Bruin's data journalism blog

...and many many more!


We welcome applicants of all levels and have had successful contributors come in with no prior programming experience. We have projects of varying scope and complexity from making pages with only HTML/CSS to working on visualizations with various charting libraries to developing apps with MVC frameworks (i.e. Django) that power some of our sub sites and magazines. We especially love applicants with design experience.

If you have any questions about Daily Bruin Online, the application, or the internship, please email the online editor, Howard Huang, the assistant online editor Paulina Lei, or the stack editor Chang Liu.

Current Applications
Past Applications