The blog is perfect for those who do not want to be limited by the topical confines of traditional paper sections and express interest in writing or producing other forms of content about a range topics of their choosing. It is also a great place to be challenged to think outside the box, both in terms of writing topics and chosen medium. Bloggers work in a dynamic and exciting section in the paper during a time when our readers are looking at screens more often than broadsheets. We collaborate closely with other digital sections- Radio (podcasts), Video, and Graphics. Bloggers will have the opportunity to explore longer-term projects, work with other sections closely, and learn to think creatively about how to generate digital content that is punchy, informative, but holds to journalistic reporting standards. In an age where many highly read content outlets rely heavily on "listicles" and attribution to websites like Reddit, such writing and journalism is much needed. Want to help quality journalism survive in the digital age? You've come to the right place. Questions? Want more info? Email Blogging Editor Claire Hubert at [email protected]

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