Welcome to the Daily Bruin Fall 2017 application period! You have until the end of Week 2 to complete your application to one of the premier student newspapers in the country. Good luck! Frequently Asked Questions: Can you apply to multiple sections? No. This is a change from recent application periods, but you are only allowed to apply to one section of the Daily Bruin. If you create multiple applications, they will all be denied. When will intern training happen? Intern training will be the weekends after Week 2, 3 and 4. but the editors will alert you to more specifics during the hiring process. Required media law training is scheduled for Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2017. These are all required and your acceptance to the organization is contingent upon attendance. Can graduate students apply? Yes! All undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to apply. Can UCLA Extension students apply? Unfortunately, no, you may not apply if you are not enrolled at UCLA itself. Can you work for both student government and the Daily Bruin? Newsmagazines and the Daily Bruin? What about political groups? Essentially, no, unless you're applying as an Opinion columnist or a blogger. This limitation is to comply with policy for conflicts of interest. You may apply to the Daily Bruin and student government/a newsmagazine, but you must choose between the two if you're accepted into both. Here's our abridged policy: "No members of Daily Bruin editorial may work for student government, councils or any governing or political bodies or committees associated with them. Among these are included the Undergraduate Student Association Council, Graduate Student Association, Associated Students of UCLA and On Campus Housing Council." The policies are less strict about becoming a member of a political group. with the main restriction being against holding a leadership position, but outright displays of partisanship – attending a public event with the Bruin Republicans or posting on your Facebook page about your support for the Democratic presidential candidate – are not allowed unless you are a columnist. Another excerpt: "Bruin staff members – with the exception of opinion columnists and bloggers – cannot hold leadership positions in politically oriented groups. This extends beyond the Bruin Democrats and Bruin Republicans to groups perceived by the campus as being political, even if the group itself doesn’t call itself a political one. Members of The Bruin staff – with the exception of opinion columnists and bloggers – also cannot participate in political events sponsored by these groups."

News Reporter Closed

Apply to write for the Daily Bruin News department. News reporters get to be at the forefront of every major event on UCLA's campus. Our reporters also get to interview prominent public officials and stay on top of current events. No reporting experience is necessary. Come join our news team and be a part of our award-winning journalism.

Arts & Entertainment Reporter Closed

Daily Bruin A&E serves to showcase the members, groups and works of UCLA's artistic community, in addition to covering entertainment events on campus like Bruin Bash and Spring Sing.

Although UCLA artists and events are central to A&E's coverage, we also cover arts and entertainment events outside UCLA, including film premieres, concerts and art exhibitions. Our past coverages include Coachella, the LA Film Festival and FYF Fest. In addition, we publish reviews on albums, movies and plays.

We welcome applicants of all levels! If you have any questions, please feel free to email A&E editor Nate Nickolai at [email protected]

Blogger Closed

The blog is perfect for those who do not want to be limited by the topical confines of traditional paper sections and express interest in writing or producing other forms of content about a range topics of their choosing. It is also a great place to be challenged to think outside the box, both in terms of writing topics and chosen medium.

Graphics Intern Closed

The graphics department is a multimedia section at the Daily Bruin and creates infographics for different sections of the paper.

Illustration Intern Closed

Illustration interns create hand-drawn illustrations to accompany articles in the Daily Bruin newspaper. Illustrators receive art requests from editor staff from various newspaper sections, such as news, sports, arts and entertainment, and opinion. We welcome creative artists from all majors who have a passion for art and experience with creating works in either traditional or digital media. We will provide training in digital art software such as Adobe Photoshop. Working as an illustration intern will provide valuable work experience, an opportunity to improve communication skills, as well as plenty of finished works suitable for an art portfolio.

Video Intern Closed

A Daily Bruin Video intern is tasked to create content for the Video section. Not only does the section provide a second layer of compelling content for other departments in The Bruin, but it also finds more visual stories around UCLA worth telling. An intern will learn how to pitch, interview, film and edit videos to form these stories. No previous experience is necessary. Gain valuable skills in an emerging medium.

Copy intern Closed

Copy editors are the watchdogs of the paper. We edit every article that goes in print and on the website to make sure that it follows the rules of grammar, Associated Press style, coherency, factual accuracy and consistency. Copy is ultimately responsible for sending a clean, consistent and complete paper to the printer by deadline. We want to help reporters present their stories in the best possible way, which means working with all the sections of the paper.

Software Engineering Intern Closed

As a software engineering intern you'll gain practical experience working in teams to create web projects on deadline. Interns will work on a variety of projects that can include designing frontend article packages, updating and maintaining our infrastructure and creating new tools to streamline the newsroom workflow. Daily Bruin Online contributors have had software engineering and product management internships at Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Adobe, Disney, Bloomberg, MongoDB, among others.

Our Projects

Wake of the Storm - Interactive package of reporting by Daily Bruin reporters on the aftermath and recovery of Typhoon Yolanda

Bruinwalk.com - Online service for UCLA students with professor reviews and grade distributions

Meow (Github link) - Daily Bruin's homegrown social media manager

UCLA Unseen - An interactive map highlighting lesser known places on campus

Graduation Issue: 2017

Define Your Dorm - Crowd sourcing mad libs for UCLA's dorms

Cannabis Kingdom - Interactive package of reporting on the growing cannabis industry in California

Boots on the Ground - Stories about UCLA's ROTC cadets

The Stack - The Daily Bruin's data journalism blog

...and many many more!


We welcome applicants of all levels and have had successful contributors come in with no prior programming experience. We have projects of varying scope and complexity from making pages with only HTML/CSS to working on visualizations with various charting libraries to developing apps with MVC frameworks (i.e. Django) that power some of our sub sites and magazines. We especially love applicants with design experience.

If you have any questions about Daily Bruin Online, the application, or the internship, please email the online editor, Michael Zhang, assistant online editor Nathan Smith, or assistant online editor Hongyi Zhang.

Sports Reporter Closed

Report from the sidelines as UCLA teams make history. Daily Bruin Sports reporters follow a team for an entire season, get to know the players and provide award-winning coverage of some of the best teams in the country.

Opinion Columnist Closed

The Opinion section is unique in hosting a diverse set of voices separate from typical editorial constraints. Columnists are a sounding board for the UCLA community, offering commentary on the state of the university, Los Angeles, California and higher education. We accept applicants of all levels!

Photography Intern Closed

Photography Interns are involved in capturing events that happen at UCLA and the Westwood community. Interns gain hands-on experience. No camera is required nor experience as we guide all new interns both with gear and other programs used to edit photos. As a photojournalist assignments vary widely from sports to concert photography. Working as a photojournalist will grant valuable work experiences and better your photography portfolio.

Cartoonist Intern Closed

Cartoonists create editorial cartoons or short comics for the Daily Bruin newspaper. Cartoonists have the freedom to come up with their own ideas and topics each week, with the occasional request from editing staff for a specific opinion or topic. You may work in traditional or digital media. We welcome all artists from all majors who have an interest in creating cartoons. Working as a cartoonist will provide valuable work experience and plenty of finished works suitable for an art portfolio. If you'd like to see examples of cartoonist's work, see the following link: http://dailybruin.com/category/opinion/editorial-cartoons/

Design Intern Closed

The Design department is responsible for arranging the layout of stories and art for every issue in the Daily Bruin. We are also in the process of expanding the department's reach into the realm of web design.

Radio Journalist Closed

Daily Bruin Radio is one of the paper's multimedia departments specializing in podcasting and NPR-style journalism. We produce content in conjunction with the other Daily Bruin departments, as well as our own standalone projects.

Social Media Team Closed

The Daily Bruin is looking to increase its reach and build a strong online presence by assembling a Social Media Team. A Social Media Producer works closely with all of The Bruin's Editorial departments, including News, Sports and A&E, to create specialized content for our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat platforms.

Advertising Sales Closed

Daily Bruin Advertising Account Executives sell advertising to local, regional and national advertisers. They are takes to sell advertising into all of our titles which include print (Daily Bruin), online, outdoor, street and mobile. Our account executives use the experience to help get jobs in a number of different fields at companies like Deloitte, Google, Facebook, IBM, Linkedin and many more. Interns will learn about all of our products, how to sell them and how to manage accounts. No experience necessary. Looking for good communication skills and a willingness to to work hard.