Since 1919, BruinLife had documented campus history. We produce UCLA's official yearbook (the BruinLife, published since 1919), the BruinLife Commencement Magazine, the BruinLife Magazine and run the BruinLife Photo Studio and various websites.

Photo Staff Closed

BruinLife’s photographers shoot thousands of high-quality photos throughout the year to add to the visual appeal of the yearbook. Their work entails aspects of both photojournalism and stock photography. Together, the staff contributes heavily to the all-color book’s attractive illustrative design.

Layout Staff Closed

Layout Staff is responsible for page design using software such as Adobe InDesign and Photoshop. Staff members handle strict deadlines to ensure each article and photograph integrate with page spreads and contribute to overall book consistency.

Layout Editor Closed

The layout editor is responsible for the overall design of the yearbook. The layout editor also manages the layout staff.

Photo Editor Closed

The photo editor oversees all photo assignments for the book and ensures that all photos pass quality control. The photo editor is also responsible for managing the photo staff and training all photographers.

Copy/Writing Staff Closed

As journalists, copy writers cover the many events, happenings, and student life topics during the school year. The copy staff documents many of the important campus happenings, including sports, groups, traditions and world events.

Marketing Staff Closed

The Business & Marketing Staff is responsible for all advertising, business, and sales related to the yearbook. Staff members design flyers and advertisements, as well as run the BruinLife website and conduct business agreements with other groups on campus. Marketing is also responsible for yearbook sales, parent dedications, customer service, and end-of-year distribution.

Copy Editor Closed

The copy editor is responsible for managing the copy/writing staff. Making final edits on all articles used in the yearbook and editing captions and headlines.

Editor in Chief Closed

The editor in chief oversees the production of the BruinLife yearbook for that academic year.